by Carnegie Speech

Trainee Roadmap

NativeAccent Overview - 2 minute video for participants to understand what NativeAccent is and what it can do for them.

Google Chrome is the recommended browser. Other supported browsers include current versions of Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari (Mac only) however these browsers must have the Adobe Flash Player plugin manually installed and maintained.

Microphone Set-up Guide! -Setting up the headset microphone in NativeAccent is VERY IMPORTANT, since it is the only input device. A USB headset is strongly recommended to get the most out of your NativeAccent training.
You will be given a temporary login and password.
Log into NativeAccent and complete the course registration process.
Take the NativeAccent Initial Assessment (25-30 minutes). At the completion of the assessment, students can continue on to their custom intelligent tutor path. If a student leaves NativeAccent by logging out of their account a bookmark is created. You will be brought back to the bookmarked page the next time you log into NativeAccent.
Students continue to the NativeAccent Intelligent Tutor the assigned number of hours per week (45 mins per session x 5 sessions per week for maximum gains in spoken English skills)

Before exiting the course Students take their final NativeAccent Assessment (this appears as the last activity on the Intelligent Tutor suggested lesson path). If you have not completed the lesson path, your teacher may assign the final assessment.

Student Resources

Q&A "Why do I need a headset? My computer has an excellent microphone?" Answer: Macworld Article
NativeAccent Student Quickstart Guide
View the NativeAccent Student Orientation Tutorial (6.5 minutes) Watch this tutorial if you have questions about the item types in NativeAccent

NativeAccent Student Road Map- a step-by-step guide to success

Student Reports in NativeAccent
NativeAccent Troubleshooting Guide - the most common issues and resolutions


90% of all issues can be resolved by consulting the NativeAccent Troubleshooting Guide. If you need further assistance...
Send an email to with your username and a description of the issue, a screen shot of the error if possible, and a narrative description of the error. Please include the best way to reach you (email, phone number) to resolve the issue.