Carnegie Speech Assessment Roadmap

Google Chrome is the recommended browser. Firefox and IE are also compatible but require you to manually install the Adobe Flash player

Headset Microphone Set-up Guide! - The micrphone on your laptop will not consistently produce good recordings due to variance in microphone-to-mouth distance and background noise. A USB headset is strongly recommended to get the most out of your NativeAccent training
A temporaty login and password will be assigned to you.
Login and take the NativeAccent Initial Assessment (25-30 minutes). At the completion of the assessment, students can continue on to their custom intelligent tutor path. If a student leaves NativeAccent at this point, they will be brought into the Intelligent Tutor the next time they log in.

At the end of the assessment the student will be shown their skill scorecard

Student will STOP here and wait for their scores to be reviewed.


90% of all issues can be resolved by consulting the Troubleshooting Guide. If you need further assistance...
Send an email to with your username and a description of the issue, a screen shot of the error if possible, and a narrative description of the error. Please include the best way to reach you (email, phone number) to resolve the issue.