NativeAccent v.3 by Carnegie Speech

Local Administrator and local IT Support Orientation and Resources

Local Administrator and Local IT Support Roadmap

Connectivity Checklist - Local IT Support runs checklist to verify bandwidth, connectivity, client machine OS, browser and Adobe Flash are compatible.
NativeAccent Web Portal Setup - Carnegie Speech sets up school account, teacher and local admin accounts and generates student codes.

Local Administration - Local administrator(s) creates and sets up courses, assigns teachers and sets course customizations (web meeting with David as needed)

Teacher Orientation and Training - Carnegie Speech hosts web meeting orientation training (1 hr) for new teachers,refresher for others as needed.

Teacher/Trainer Activities - Teachers/Trainers present the student tutorials, assigns students to take the initial assessment and Intelligent Tutor, and coaches students as needed with the spoken English skills being taught.

* About those tutorials... - The student tutorials are presented over the web in an Adobe Flash® animated video format. Due to bandwidth issues, it is recommended that you project this tutorials using an LCD projector rather than having students view the tutorials on their available computers.

Student Activities - Students view student tutorials, take initial assessment, and use the NativeAccent Intelligent Tutor X hours per week. Students take a final assessment and, if the teacher chooses, the student also takes the course exit survey.

Conclusion of NativeAccent Course - Teacher assigns students to take the final assessment.


Student Tutorials

LCD projection recommended if presenting to more that 3 students in a lab

NativeAccent Student Overview (2 minutes) - What is NativeAccent, what will it do for me (the student), what will it cost me (in time and effort) and what can I expect to gain?

View the NativeAccent Student Orientation Tutorial (6.5 minutes) Watch this tutorial before you begin using the NativeAccent Intelligent Tutor.


Local Admin and Tech Resources

NativeAccent Simplified Enrollment Process UPDATE Jan 2014

 NativeAccent Local Admin Road Map

NativeAccent Skills assessed and taught

NativeAccent First Language List

NativeAccent v.3 Troubleshooting Guide FAQs


NativeAccent Student Quickstart Guide (handout for students as needed)

NativeAccent Windows 7 Microphone Guide

NativeAccent Student Road Map

NativeAccent v3 Connectivity Validation Checklist (For Local IT Testing)

BatchAdd.csv - for bulk registration of students - recommended alternative to using the ADD STUDENTS webform for enrolling students. Using this form you will have a record of your students' usernames, passwords, etc.



The first line support is provided by the teacher, trainer or lab administrator using the NativeAccent Troubleshooting Guide


If unable to resolve issue or have questions about the software, logins, or other issues, please email with a complete description of the error. Please include the students name, class, and any screen shots showing the error.